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1. Yoshi by M-Thirteen

Very few artists are willing to address just how gross it would feel to actually sit on a giant gecko.

yoshi intendo art


2. Princess Zelda by Raquel Cornejo

The Ocarina of Time, sister instrument to the more obscure "Keytar of Space".

Realistic Nintendo Characters


3. Mega Man by Brice Madec

(Yes, Mega Man is owned by Capcom, but at this point that's really only a formality)

Realistic Nintendo Characters


4. Captain Falcon by Sterling Morris

This is the last thing I hope to see before I die.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


5. Princess Peach by Caroline Laplante

Props to this artist, who valiantly struggled to make Toadstool's hair make ANY goddamn sense whatsoever.

Realistic Nintendo Characters

6. Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio by Rene Campbell Art

Didn't want to do too many Pokemon (we have TONS of posts for that) but we made an exception for these newcomers.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


7. Ness by Sterling Morris

Hey look, the all-powerful psychic child has a baseball bat, THAT'S COOL.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


8.  Inkling (Girl) by Tuchi

You're a kid now.

Tuchis art


9. Goomba by Felipe Escobar


Realistic Nintendo Characters


10. Samus Aran by Matt DeMino

At what point in the Metroid series is Samus going to change her job title from 'Bounty Hunter' to 'Planetary Exterminator'?

Realistic Nintendo Characters


11. Young Princess Zelda by Salvador Ramírez

Zelda was into pirates and ninjas BEFORE it was an outdated meme.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


12. Bowser by David De Leon Luis

Technically, he's the most attentive father in Nintendo lore.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


13. Porky Minch by ahsa

The ACTUAL greatest villain in Nintendo history.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


14. King Dedede by M-Thirteen

This one gets bonus points for the subtle Escargoon reference.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


15. The Squid Sisters by Ming-Yin Wong

Good to know that in the world of Splatoon, J-POP outlives the entire human race.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


16. Little Mac by Mike Meth

The great pixelated hope himself.



17. Midna by Ástor Alexander

Impin' aint easy.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


18.  Fox McCloud by Sterling Morris

Lylat Wars never changes.

realistic Star Fox


19. Kirby by hammn

Would you believe this is one of the LESS creepy images I found when searching for 'realistic Kirby'?

Realistic Nintendo Characters


20. Super Mario by Andrew Doma

Brooklyn's finest warrior/plumber



21. Luigi (3D Embed) by soojong kim

Behind those kind Italian eyes, an ocean of suffering.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


22. The Great Evil King, Ganondorf by Mark & Melanie Coleman

Was raised entirely by women, still ends up a giant pig. smdh.



23. Link by Andrew Doris

Name another hero that can rock a tunic this well.

Realistic Nintendo Characters


24. Toad by Eric Beck

This might be the first time I truly recognized that Toad's head looks DELICIOUS.