1. He's simply the coolest.

artwork by Gabriel Soares


2. He looked super-fresh in that one filler episode when he needed to get a driver's license

driving piccolo post boy
artwork by Ricardo García


Which also gave us this moment:

piccolo owned 
image via CartersHarder

3. There's the time he had his epic fight vs. THE MOON.

4. Maybe the sexiest character to come from a race of hermaphroditic slug people.

cosplay by MimurkaMimii photo by KateYon


5. Let's not forget all those times he kicked ASS (before getting defeated and needing Goku to show up)

gif via thisiselliz


gif via slaveryisgreed


gif via tokyogoon

6. He's especially good at... regeneration.

image via @ItsDBZTime


7. And he's the only fighter badass enough to do THIS:

gif via doubleimpact22

8. He has his own unofficial Internet holiday! (I mean, who doesn't these days?)

piccolo day
image via SpartaWolf17


9.  Compared to Goku and Vegeta, he's the best father-figure in the entire DBZ canon

piccolo gohan dad
artwork by Wakame


10. He's been ressurrected, fused, killed, and reborn so many times that it's insane even by "magic alien slug lizard" standards.

every namek
image by skarface3k3


11. Even the Pope has cosplayed as him?

pope piccolo
photo via djrust


12. He has the most motivational moment in the history of anime


13. The dude killed Goku with only two fingers

piccolo strength powerartwork by Alberto Cubatas


14. While never quite the absolute strongest, he's always been the absolute coolest Z-fighter

piccolo cool udokaiartwork by Deng Jing



always the coolest postboy piccolo
cosplay by Columbian_Otaku