1. The Clawshot from Twilight Princess by TheKretchfoop



2. Ekko's Sword (League of Legends) by Simone Fontana

hello lets make a thing

3. Icebreaker Sniper Rifle by Lael Lee

destiny hello icebreaker gun 3d print


4. Mario Kart Trophy/Stand by edditive

mario kart thing


5. The Motherf*cking Gjallarhorn by Matthew Clarke

destiny rocket launcher 3d print

6.  Daedric Sword (Skyrim) by Mieszko Lacinski

skyrim thing

7. Arwing and Wolfen (Star Fox) by Chris Caplan



8.  Bad Juju by Lael Lee 

rifle bad juju 3d print exotic


9. Halo Assault Rifle by Emil Slavkovski

Halo Assault Rifle


10. Warp Pipe Planter by Jason Buckner

make them like me please warp pipe mario 3d prints


11. Doomhammer (Warcraft Series) by Sara

doomhammer hello


12.  Frostmourne by Kirby Downey

frostmourne world of warcraft


13. Witcher Talisman by Lloyd Roberts

witcher man


14. The Sleeper Simulant by Kirby Downey

sleeper stimulant


15. The Hookshot (Ocarina of Time) by Amphigory Design

hookshot 3d print amazing


16. Scorpion Mask (MK:X) by Eugeniy

mask of the guy


17. Hearthstone Coin by Simone Fontana

hearthstone coin


18. Pokeball (with working button-lid) by Intentional3D

ball lid pokeball


19. Hearthstone Hex Card by Ricardo Salomao

hex card thing hello


20. Dante's Rebellion Sword by Lloyd Roberts

sword sword devil may cry


21. Fallout 4 Stimpak by AmphigoryDesign



22. Gears of War Lancer (Chainsaw Gun) by Edgar Monroy

chainsaw gun thing


23. Arkham City Batarang by Stefanos Anagnostopoulos



24. The Hammer of Sol by Lloyd Roberts

hammer of sol destiny printer


25. Majora's Mask by Quilate

bank of america hello