So, here's a cool thing - earlier this year, ILM partnered with art site ArtStation to create a set of challenges to the incredible artists there to create some speculative concept art in the universe of the original Star Wars trilogy - primarily inventing scenes and storylines that didn't (or couldn't) actually happen, creating or suggesting an entirely new storyline.

The guidelines set by ILM were as follows:

  • Think about the story you are trying to tell with the image - it should be cinematic and convey a specific emotion.
  • The image must fit within Episodes IV - VI aesthetic.
  • Again, everything used must already exist within the world of Star Wars.

Below are some of the coolest and most interesting submissions - definitely worth checking them out, along with the rest of the winners selected by ILM.

The Final Test by Markus Stadlober

Alternate Opening To A New Hope by Morgan Yon

The Hand by Fred Palacio

Join Me by Romain d'Escrienne

The Lars Death by Jesus Conde

Marauders by Pavel Goloviy

The Spy by Fred Palacio

Check out the full results of the challenge here!