Every year in Sandusky Ohio is an anime convention unlike any other, ColossalCon. Based out of a combination Conference Center / Water Park, this midwest oasis has become a cosplay destination for people to get wet and wild with their costume designs. Here's some of our favorite shots:

1. Warrior Wartortle by Kitsune Kid

wartortle pokemon swimsuit
photo credit: euphoriacosplaystudios


2. Sexy, Sexy Magikarp by Sev Cosplay

photo credit: John Jiao Photography

3. Zootopia Judy 'n Nick by Stella Chuu and Bindi Smalls

colossalcon 2016 cosplay
photo credit: Mineralblu Photography


4. Merida by Pretty Lush Cosplay

disney merida
photo credit: shotakuphotography


5.  Sailor Scouts by Booba FettBirdi CosplayHelena Steele, and Starbolt Cosplay

colossalcon 2016 cosplay photo credit: Martin Wong