1. In a world of Gods and Alien Monsters, he's a friendly face in the crowd

3d render by Luis Marulanda  



2. He shows that you can be short, bald, anxious, and still be a hero!

Photo by beppesabatini

krillin is cool baby cosplay

3. Despite popular belief he DOES have a nose

Nose grab namek krillin


4. Oh wait, except maybe he doesn't.

krillin goku nose

krillin goku nose



5. After a lifetime of training in martial arts to attract girls, he eventually married a hot murderous cyborg lady, so... that's cool

artwork by sakimichan

sexy cyborg murder lady android 18

6. He mastered his signature move Destructo Disc (aka Kienzan), which is so OP they can never let him actually use it right.


7. Before the story began, he was undergoing fierce training as a Shaolin warrior

Artwork by David Alegre

shaolin krillin


8. But it wasn't until training with Master Roshi that he began to unlock his true potential




9. People routinely forget that he is canonically the strongest 100% Human fighter on Earth

Artwork by amaguchi chiyoko



10. But it's not his muscles that people love, it's his CHARM

comic by JHallComics

jhall krillin 18


11. Yes, he's died a FEW times (3, canonically)



krillin died dragon meme


12. I blame those ruffians and scoundrels at Team Four Star who introduced the "Krillin Owned Count" that wrecked his rep forever


13. But his true fans (on Vine for some reason) recognize his greatness! 


14. Krillin is a loyal friend, a warrior for justice, and a pretty good dad

art by Alberto Cubatas 


15. In short (no pun intended) he's the hero that anime needs...


... even if he is a little useless sometimes!