1. If you've spent enough time on the Internet you've probably seen pinup art like this:

illustration via @_OSUK2


2. As we speak the genre remains strong (yup, that's a Nintendo Switch)

nintendo switch girl pinup
illustration by Boris

3. While some artists push the sexiness to the point of pornographic

cute anime irl sexy lingerie anime  
illustration by attyuu


4. Others focus on the isolation and relaxation of the player

gamergate anime avatar space anime
illustration by vashperado


5. Obviously, women play videogames and watch anime, they aren't unicorns

anime cute girl oot videogames
illustration by CrunchCrunch

6. There might be a sexy woman in her underwear playing videogames in their apartment READING THIS RIGHT NOW.

games and games and games
illustration by gui guimaraes


7. Some recurring themes you begin to notice are junk food, copious fandom references... and lingerie

anime underwear gaming playstation
Illustration by Peel


8. It makes sense that infusing the pictures with recognizable objects makes the characters seem more relatable and approachable

kimono anime girl hello
illustration by @_OSUK2 


9. Anime designs live and die by how much their intended audience "falls" for them


illustration by Lou


10. It's like a weird twist on the "swimsuit model straddling a Ford Mustang" cliche for the modern era

classinc thing
illustration by soon