1. More LEDs mean more POWER

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2. Liquid Cooling: You're Doing it Wrong

bad water cooling

3. *Tries to object*... *fails*

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4. Every PC Gamer's Dream

valve announces sequel
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5. President Camacho makes a clarification

terry crews pc gamer
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6. How to turn any mouse into a GAMING mouse

corsair mouse
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7. TFW the meme is right

htc vive pc gaming meme
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8. The Most Intense Windows Error I've Ever Seen

windows errors IRL
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9. It's Time to UPDATE

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10. What a Random Memory Access, Facebook

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11. Heat Management on Laptops

this is fine laptop hard drive
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12. The Best Way to Use a Console for Gaming

ganondo mouse pc xbox 360


13. What resolution is this monitor?

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14. Now you're playing with power!

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15. Fun for the whole family

master race
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