What do we like about our favorite fictional heroes? That they have incredible powers? That they accomplish amazing things? Nope. We love them because, for the most part, they're super rich and they have cool gadgets. These infographics will tell you how much money you need to become your own hero. (Basically, you should just give up.)

Alright, let's get the most important question out of the way: Who lives a more expensive lifestyle? Batman or Iron Man? Money Supermarket has the answers!

1. Here's the cost of being Batman (the financial cost, not the emotional cost):


by Money Supermarket

2. And how much would it cost to be Iron Man?


by Money Supermarket

Now onto science fiction franchises! Because they have the coolest gadgets. Here is how much money you'd have to earn to bring these fictional things to reality. Which you can't.

3. How much would it cost to defeat a TimeLord aka have a Dalek?


by Horror Channel

4. How much does a Time Lord's best friend (no, not his companion, but his TARDIS) cost?


by Movoto

5. How much does it cost to insure your trip on the Starship Enterprise?


by Columbus Direct

And finally: all the Star Wars gadgets you want but can't have!

6. How much does the Millenium Falcon cost?


by De Agostini

7. What about an AT-AT?


by Best Casino

8. Basically, how much would it cost become a terrible father?


by Shade Station

Now we've reached the most controversial infographics. Which of these do you think really captures how expensive the Death Star is? Please send us your infographics. That's a joke. Please don't.



by MTV


Infographics That Show How Expensive Fictional Gadgets Are

by Buddy Loans



by Twizzle