1. Art teacher who drew themself as Bowser on  their assignment board

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2. While this cosplayer shows his geek pride more directly...

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3. The brave educator who got this setup going for the last day of school

Geeky Teacher
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4. This not-so-subtle desk

teacher desk
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5. Halloween was glorious when these two educators went full Space Marine

Space Marine warhammer 40k
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6. If you're gonna put in a gimmee question, might as well make a Skyrim reference

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7. Spotted outside an English teacher's office

english teacher credible hulk
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8. This teacher brought some antiques to Show and Tell Fridays

NES hello duck hunt hello
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9.  Students lost their mind when this working CL4P-TP robot rolled into class

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10. Teachers that love memes? My god, they're EVOLVING

harambe teacher meme
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11. The most evil Professor since Quirinus Quirrell

first student to yell oh captain extra credit

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12. Student noticed this odd little statue on their instructor's desk...

halo thing hello buddavia Starship_Jefferson


13. Algebra: The Math Airbender

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14. You are a Pi-rate!

math teacher pirate
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15. First day of history class: DEUS VULT edition

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