In this teaser trailer released via the official Marvel Studios twitter page, we get not only a a bunch of cool new shots from the upcoming Doctor Strange movie, but a PRETTY obvious confirmation that the plot will reveal the Infinity Gem (STONE! Sorry, I meant Infinity Stone) that commands Time, bringing us one step closer to Marvel's franchise-culminatingly huge Infinity War.

An enterprising video editor took the time to repost the trailer in reverse, revealing some more dialog and letting you make more sense of the action...

For those keeping track at home here's the Infinity Stones featured so far:

  • The Orb from Guardians of the Galaxy = Power
  • The Aether from Thor: The Dark World = Reality
  • The Tesseract from Captain America and The Avengers = Space
  • The Scepter / Vision from Age of Ultron = Mind

This leaves the Mind and Soul gems yet to be revealed, assuming there's a 1:1 stone to gem ratio from the comics. Marvel chief Kevin Feige suggested that Doctor Strange's own Eye of Agamotto actually contains the gem (STONE) itself.