Gaming discussion board NeoGAF has been around for a while and in a recent thread they're sharing their favorite/most impressive graphics, animations, and effects from the 16-bit era of console gaming. Whether it was the silky smooth scrolling of the SNES' Mode 7, or the gnarly low-poly bliss of Virtua Racing on the Sega Genesis, it was a period of rapid technological advancement and incredibly creative solutions to hardware limitations. Even if these games are before your time, you have to admire the simple beauty of these games.

1. Yoshi's Island

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2. Flashback

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3. ThunderForce IV

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4. Arcus Odyssey

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5. Castlevania Dracula X

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6. Stunt Race FX

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7. Donkey Kong Country

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8. Mega Man X2

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9. Chrono Trigger 

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10. The Adventures of Batman and Robin

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