You literally cannot look at the custom amiibo scene without noticing the work of GandaKris, whose tiny plastic transformations are truly incredible to behold. Over the past few months she's been on a tear capturing the essence of Overwatch's heroes and the results are spectacular.

And yes, while I understand the scores of legal/practical hurdles that prevent this from becoming an actual thing, I will still ask... WHY CAN'T THESE BE REAL!?

1. D.Va comes with battle-ready gamer fuel

dva gremlin


2. Winston proudly acknowledges he's the 2nd most popular gorilla on the internet


3. Mercy gracefully assists fans who actually played Kid Icarus Uprising



4. Mei is unsurprised that she's become a plastic waifu

mei overwatch amiibo


5. Roadhog + Wario = The ultimate piece of swag


6. I don't think Shulk was really feeling this conversion to Junkrat



7. Widowmaker has no emotions, just like Samus in Other M



8. You can follow GandaKris' work on facebook, instagram, and twitter

 The amiibo Girls