By now you're probably familiar with the world of Pokemon fusions where fan artists take two collectible monsters and combine them into a new design. But now the fandom community has evolved one step further. Introducing DEFUSIONS, in which existing Pokemon are broken down into two new "base" creatures. 

This is kind of tough to explain, it's better to just show you:

1. Noivern by canisaries

noivern pokemon hello dragon


2. Frosslass by kriscantspeakgerman


3. Abomasnow by PokemonScrap

pokemon abomasnow


4. Houndoom by houndoom-kaboom



5. Girafarig by PokemonScrap


6. Nidoking by PokemonScrap

pokemon nidoking fusion


7. Defusion Sketches (Gligar, Gliscor, Hawlucha, and Darkrai) by anon



8. Druddigon by kriscantspeakgerman

druddigon pokemon defusion


9. Azumarill by PokemonScrap



10. More Pokemon Defusion Sketches by ShinyGazza

pokemon defusion


11. Emboar by PokemonScrap



12. Magneton by Bedlington Terrier

magneton magnemite pokemon