Harrison Ford says he's supposedly up for another Indiana Jones movie, but in the meantime we have something that might be even better than another full-fledged sequel. Character designer and animator Patrick Schoenmaker toiled away for five years on a trailer (now posted over on Frame Order's YouTube channel) for a sadly imaginary Indiana Jones animated series. All the familiar hallmarks are there, from the adventure to the romance to the exploding Nazis -- the wink to the warehouse ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark is especially neat. 

All of Schoenmaker's work was definitely worth it, but it makes us really wish we could see an entire season of episodes, or at least a feature-length Indy cartoon. In the meantime, we can dream with the help of this rad poster. 


Be sure to check out Patrick Schoenmaker's Tumblr page for some cool behind-the-scenes sketches, sculpts and more!