Artwork by Patrick Brown

The beautiful part of Tumblr is that it encourages ongoing, collaborative storytelling - whether through text or illustration or GIFs of those two brothers on Supernatural ALLLLLMOST kissing. And while not all of it is great/comprehensible, sometimes Tumblr lands on something absolutely perfect - like with The Villain Wrangler.

In a post started by oneiriad envisioning a scenario in the world of comic books where a sick kid who was part of the 'Make a Wish Foundation'-equivalent really wanted to meet a villain instead of a superhero, given it would be pretty unlikely that literally EVERY kid in these worlds ONLY worshipped superheroes (some of your favorite action figures when you were a kid were bad guys, admit it). But - how would the foundation actually get in contact with the villains and get them to agree to visit the sick kids? How would the mechanics of that all work - and what would be the fallout for the rest of the comic book world?

Take a minute and read the whole thing - it's worth it:


And, as Tumblr threads are wont to do, the story has built off tangents and further details from a bevy of users. Dig into the notes on the post above here and see where it leads you.