We are in blessed times - we've already gotten the first of a new planned Star Wars trilogy (one that this very website was sure would never actually happen), and Disney is committed to putting out a new Star Wars movie every single year (and using great filmmakers to add variety and a degree of auteurship to the films). Frankly, it's a pretty far cry from the dire times of the early 2000s, when we were stuck with increasingly disappointing prequel films, all marching towards a conclusion that we'd known for 30 years.

In that spirit, let's enjoy some of the times Tumblr covered Star Wars in beautiful fashion...

1. So many problems could have been averted if Qui-Gon Jinn had just listened to that 10 year old he just semi-adopted.


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2. "Oh, hello, I didn't see you there. Like my elegant white robe? Just something I threw together."


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3. "Also, when I try to give a thumbs up, there's a greater-than-zero chance I might accidentally start a fire."


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4. Basketball centers in space must all be pure evil...


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5. Damn Tatooine millenials, so lazy.


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6. "The FUCK did you just say to me?" - BB-8

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7. Luke Skywalker is the best source of career advice in the galaxy.


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8. Hm, BB-8 is more perceptive than I originally thought.


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9. You may want to get HR involved before things turn messy.


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10. Let's all remember to be grateful that we have a new Star Wars trilogy in the works and it's being written by people not named "George Lucas"

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