The popularity of Pokemon GO is waning - after being red-hot for about a month or so, people are beginning to abandon the app en masse (lots of people are just straight-up deleting the app). So - what can Nintendo do to make sure the app dies a sad, pathetic death that we all should have seen coming? Here are 5 things Nintendo is thankfully ALREADY DOING to make sure Pokemon GO exists solely as a barely-remembered fad from Summer 2016:

1. Put It On the Apple Watch


If there's one way to be certain no one pays any additional attention to your once red-hot app, it's to put it on the Apple Watch - aka tiny awful iPhones that are attached to your wrist and cost a bunch of money. If the Apple Watch's abysmal sales figures (and even more harrowing refund numbers) haven't tipped you off, no one likes or uses Apple Watch (which - again - just functions as a significantly worse version of the iPhone, albeit with some okay exercise tracking features).

Apparently no one told Apple or Nintendo how low Apple Watch engagement was - Apple made it a centerpiece of their 2016 September Keynote event, and Nintendo/Niantic made a big show of bringing Pokemon GO to the Apple Watch (sometime later this year). And with exciting new features like: nearby Pokemon, PokeStops, and...uh, that's mostly it. Hell, you can't even CATCH new Pokemon in the app - you have to switch to your phone to do that. Which won't be a problem, since (if you're playing Pokemon GO at all) you're definitely not going to be playing it on an Apple Watch.

2. Promise More Engaging, Interesting Apps Using Nintendo IP In the Near Future


The one positive move Nintendo DID make at the Apple keynote event was the announcement of Super Mario Run, a Mario-focused runner app that would be exclusive to iOS for a brief period.

While it's certainly not revolutionary or breaking any new ground, it looks like a smooth, fun, well-designed game with some neat features, like competing with friends, building levels, and - ya know - actual stuff that would allow you to actually play something instead of the passive experience of Pokemon GO, which still to this day really has no actual gameplay.

And it costs money - which feels like a good thing. It'll give the app some actual value and give Nintendo a revenue source beyond shitty microtransactions that plague F2P games (like SOME I could mention).

3. Add In a Tiny Aesthetic Detail That Basically Changes Nothing About the Actual Game As Though That Counts As An Actual Upgrade


Listen, I'm certainly not AGAINST having a "buddy Pokemon" that appears next to your trainer, ala the days of Pokemon Yellow, Diamond/Pearl, and SoulSilver/HeartGold. That's actually one of the more fun aesthetic features of those games and something I wish they'd bring back. But when that's considered your app's "big announcement" for a while, there's a problem - it doesn't address any of the ACTUAL issues with the game, and serves as a VERY minor visual bonus (with some even more minor gameplay effects).

4. Continue Releasing Trailers For A Meaty, Full, Real Pokemon Game That Looks Flush With Fun Design Choices And Actual Gameplay


Pokemon Sun and Moon looks so fun and engaging and different already - there are already fan theories sprouting up around the various characters and teams present, the new Pokemon look great and weird and cool, and the Alola forms are putting a neat new spin on a lot of existing Pokemon (and even Professor Oak!). And the promise of this big, new, ACTUAL Pokemon game just reminds us how shallow Pokemon GO truly is. There's basically nothing to it beyond a very basic (and wonky) battle system that's rarely used. And Nintendo continuously releasing tiny drips of info on Pokemon Sun and Moon just serves to highlight how little Pokemon GO has to offer, over and over and over again.

The entire REASON Pokemon GO took off to begin with wasn't the actual app - it was our attachment to the world of Pokemon, which all harkens back to the actual games. And now that a new real game is coming out, what's the point of Pokemon GO?

5. Let Niantic Continue Shitting On Your IP With Their Garbage Dev Work and Customer Service


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Thank god Nintendo is handling all the dev work for Super Mario Run themselves. Jeez.