Stranger Things was infinitely better than anyone thought it would be. The show had everything; great writing, character growth, kickass soundtrack, suspense, great directing, and a great cast. The kids from the show are no exception. Usually we're not a fan of kids in shows but this crew put on such a great act. No matter where their success from the show brings them, we're sure this gang will be friends for a long, long while.

Warning, very mild spoilers ahead.

1. Sorry, Finn.



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2. Look at these adorable little D&D lovers!


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3. Dustin is just the best.


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4. Natalia Dyer looks like a babysitter for the worlds coolest group of kids.


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5. Oh these were meant to recieve messages? Whoops.


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6. Kids will be kids, even if they are monster hunting.


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7. Finn isn't scared of anyone after what happened on the show.



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8. Someone had asked them who was the funniest in real life and 11 only had one answer:



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9. Here's the gang having fun hanging out with their stunt doubles.


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10. Here's 11 hanging out with Michael Rooker.


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