The newest Overwatch map, Eichenwalde, was just released onto Blizzard's public test server -- and folks are already finding all kinds of secrets in the austere castle. According to the official description, the Eichenwalde castle is kind of like Overwatch's Alamo -- decades previous, a group called the Crusaders (of which Reinhardt is a member) fought valiantly but ultimately fell to hordes of asshole Bastions. The goal of the attacking team is to assault the castle and take back the armor of Crusader leader Balder von Alder, whose Dark Souls-ass corpse can be seen lounging at the end of the level.

The entire map is pretty much a ghost town. Old newspapers scattered around warn of the incoming omnic threat. There's plenty of Crusader propaganda, too. 

overwatch war

Also plastered on the walls are safety instructions aimed at human residents; these warnings recommend to "stay inside" and "keep away from the windows" and presumably "pick Genji, he's a hard Bastion counter." In the attacking team's spawn, you can also see holographic war plans for the Crusaders, still operational after all these years. 

Though there isn't much in the way of human remains besides old Aldy up there, there are plenty of decommissioned Bastions lying all over the place.


Though they appear similar to the living salt machine we know and hate, these dead Bastions all bear the same number -- B73. "Our" Bastion, on the other hand, is an E54. We might be able to infer that the Bastion featured as a playable character was probably not at this battle, and was instead murdering innocent people elsewhere at the time. 

Aiding the attackers in their castlestorming is a battering ram, which acts as the map's payload.


It's probably not a coincidence that the ram is the exact same shape as Reinhardt's hammer

Speaking of weapons -- this sword looks a little familiar.

overwatch dark souls

Tucked in a hallway next to a health pickup is a sword sticking out of the dirt, a clear reference to the bonfires from the Dark Souls series. Though it's a pretty neat nod, placing an easter egg for one of gaming's most punishing series next to a restorative powerup almost seems... wrong. 

And as far as shields go -- this crest has a nice little nod to Bastion's bird friend Ganymede.


Another picture of Ganymede can be found hanging on a wall along with some other species. The animated short The Last Bastion takes place in the same approximate region as Eichenwalde, so we can assume that cute-as-hell yellow birds are indigenous to the area.

Also indigenous to the area, it would seem, Blizzard's dark lord himself, Diablo.


The hellish horns belonging to the Prince of Darkness can be found mounted on a wall alongside other hunting trophies.

Blizzard's updates are super frequent and they have been known to patch in extra easter eggs, so the hunt may not be over quite yet. If there's anything we missed, please tell us how bad and dumb we are down in the comments! 

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