With the night-unprecedented success of the Deadpool film, the rest of the world knows what comic readers and internet folks have known for decades: Deadpool is the best. He's fun, irreverent, kind, weird, fourth-wall-bustin', and one of the most purely joyful characters in a (sometimes) overly serious world of superheroics. He's like nothing else in entertainment - and he makes everything he touches that much better.

1. Right now, we don't think we'll ever get a Spidey and Deadpool crossover. But remember: we never thought we'd get Spider-Man in the MCU, then Civil War happened. There is always hope.


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2. Ryan Reynolds is almost suspiciously perfect for Deadpool.




3. Please, Marvel and Fox - find a way to get along, if only so we can have this moment happen on film.


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4. People who haven't read the comics might not be fully aware of this, but Deadpool is one of the kindest, most considerate heroes around (sometimes, at least).


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5. Deadpool gives some extremely good advice.


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6. Reminder: executives had so little faith in Deadpool, they barely greenlit the film and slashed the budget repeatedly. If they'd only gone on Tumblr for 5 minutes, they would've known better.


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7. Did we mention Ryan Reynolds was perfect for Deadpool? BECAUSE C'MON.


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8. And again - Deadpool is a much, MUCH deeper and more interesting character than the memes would let you in on. God bless you, Wade.


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