Ron Livingston is one of those actors who really never did THAT MUCH, but he'll forever live on in the hearts of millions for his pitch-perfect role at the center of Office Space. Still, he's done a lot of great work over the years - from Swingers to Band of Brothers to Boardwalk Empire (and Sex and the City, which I totally never watched or anything FYI) - and, most importantly, his insanely weird Youtube channel - called Livingstown - which only has one video: a recreation of Keyboard Cat, except starring Ron Livingston, uploaded in 2010:

That alone is pretty weird and hilarious, but it gets better: he's only officially liked one video in the entire history of the channel (which was liked 2 years after Keyboard Cat Redux)...and it's a Starcraft 2 match (Terran v. Zerg game):


Here's the  video, in case you were curious:

And that's it. That's the entirety of Ron Livingston's Youtube presence - a cat meme parody and liking a Starcraft video. But - how to explain such weird, low output?

There's only one real explanation...