Blizzard has made it known how fiercely they want to make their competitive team based shooter a friendly and accessible place for gamers. They've pushed back hard against cheaters, and are doing their best to encourage friendly play wherever they can. But one new system they're testing might be taking things too far (even if we admit it's A LITTLE funny).

According to this thread on NeoGAF, the phrase "gg ez" (a mildly dickish way to brag about an easy match) is now automatically replaced with this list of self-effacing phrases, hopeful calls to higher standards, and fake ban notifications:

overwatch gg ez phrases

So far, this censorship is only happening on the "PTR" test servers, where gamers can experiment with the new maps, characters, and nerfs/buffs before they're formally introduced into the main game. There's no way of knowing if this "feature" is going to be added for real.

Here's a twitter post of the auto-rephrasing in action posted by @Malkythera

Another video from eurogamer has the phenomenon in higher detail:


What do you guys think? Harmless little prank or has the Overwatch team... overreached?