1. Maisie Williams pranked fans by pretending to not know who Maisie Williams is

Nylon Magazine set Maisie Williams up as an Aero Hobbies shopkeeper named Lorraine. When she tried to sell customers Game of Thrones swag and they inevitably noticed that she was Maisie Williams, she played dumb in response. 


This would have been the perfect moment for Maisie to pull her face off and reveal that she was actually Jaqen H'ghar.

Here's the full video:

2. Comedian Jon Lovitz faked an engagement to a woman 32 years younger than him

Last March, Jessica Lowndes, best known for the TV show 90210, started posting suggestive pictures on her Instagram. A man's hand on her thigh. An engagement ring. She was clearly implying that she had fallen in love with an older man. Her fans were desperate to know who this mystery man was.

His hands are wise and tell a thousand stories... #smitten #hatersgonnahate snap: realjlowndes

A photo posted by Jessica Lowndes (@jessicalowndes) on

Jon Lovitz revealed he was Jessica's mysterious older lover when he tweeted a picture with her, calling her his "bunny" juuust to up the ante on the creep factor of this prank.

You might recognize Jon Lovitz from the 2001 movie Rat Race where he played a road-tripping dad who, in once scene, smashes his face against a freshly painted steering wheel, gets a small black mustache and starts doing a Hitler impression. He's a national treasure.

The backlash against this fake May-December romance was incredibly strong. Commenters trashed Lowndes, calling her a gold digger. At the end of March, she ended the prank by releasing this ridiculous music video starring the two of them:

We wouldn't be surprised if there were a few tumblr users still calling Jessica & Jon their OTP.

3. Adam Savage has attended Comic-Con in disguise for years.

Adam Savage wants to enjoy Comic-Con without being recognized and mobbed by fans, and he's found a perfect solution: elaborate cosplay that covers his face. He's been doing this for 3 years now, and his cosplays keep getting more and more creative and Comic-Con goers are none the wiser. It helps that he makes the cosplays in collaboration with Tested.

In 2013, he went as Admirable Ackbar.


In 2014, he went as an unfortunate Nostromo crew member from Alien.


In 2015, he went with his friend Alton Brown as the twins from The Matrix.


That same year, he also went as an astronaut from 2001: A Space Odyssey with ACTUAL astronaut, Chris Hadfield.


And on his final day of 2015, he went as Judge Dredd.


This year, he went as the bear that attacked Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant


This prank has taught us one thing: the only way to make sure you're not actually taking a photo with Adam Savage is to rip off every mask you see at Comic-Con.

4. Arnold Schwarzengger replaced his wax statue and scared fans

To raise support for his cause After-School All-Stars, Arnold filmed himself getting to know his fans and scaring the living shit out of them. He went to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in Hollywood (aka the most expensive tourist attraction on the planet) and pretended to be a wax statue of himself. I guess the only thing scarier than meeting the Terminator is thinking you're meeting a wax statue of the Terminator before suddenly realizing you're meeting the real Terminator.

Here's the whole video:

5. Simon Pegg led fans to believe he was captured by an attic demon

In 2012, Simon Pegg went on Conan and recounted a prank he pulled on his twitter followers in 2010. He tells it best so here goes:


Here are the original tweets if you'd like to relieve his fans' nightmare: