We're getting closer and closer to the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon, and that means more and more information is being slowly distributed by Nintendo to the hungry masses. The latest: the reveal of the villains of the Alola Region - Team Skull, led by a fella named Guzma.

Behold - maybe the weirdest-looking gang leader in Pokemon history, a punk rock old man with glasses that are literally shaped like a sun and a moon. That's right, he doesn't have sunglasses - he has SUNMOONGLASSES. He's buds with the team's "Big Sister" Plumeria, hates Professor Kukui, and literally refers to himself as "your boy Guzma".

But who IS our boy Guzma? What's his deal? The internet already has a few theories...

1. A lot of people have called out the similar appearances with another recent Pokemon character - Pokemon GO's Professor Willow.


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2. Is Guzma a Youtuber? IT WOULD MAKE SENSE.

3. ...or at least SOME teen who spends too much time on social media.

4. And it's important to note that a lot of people are noticing the similarities between ya boi Guzma and Justin Roiland's Rick Sanchez (of Rick & Morty):


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5. Or maybe he's more of the Dr. Horrible mold...


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6. Could he secretly be a Russian gangster? He's got the pose down...

Spot-On Theories About Pokemon's Newest Villain, Guzma

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7. At the very least, Guzma fits nicely into plenty of memes.


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