Disney theme parks have always had a crazy reputation for the mascots and actors to stick to character to an extreme degree - actors are expected to stay in-character at ALL TIMES, cannot exhibit knowledge that their character would not know (e.g. Snow White could not reference Thomas the Tank Engine), and generally not behave in any way that would break the illusion. And while this is probably a pain in the butt for the actors portraying the characters, it can be pretty awesome for the rest of us. Case in point: this kid came to Disney World dressed as Kylo Ren - and so the Stormtroopers had to treat him like royalty...

It's pretty incredible - they march him around, clearing out a path for their exalted leader (well, not MAIN leader, but surprisingly few kids dress up as Supreme Leader Snoke), allow him to cut in line (huge shout-out to the kid at the 6:02 mark who screams "NO FAIR!"), and bring him to...the actor playing their version of Kylo Ren.


In other words, if you have a kid and are planning a trip to Disney World anytime soon, make sure you dress up your kid like Kylo Ren.

...or Supreme Leader Snoke, if you're REALLY dedicated.

PS - kinda weird how all these kids are so into the Dark Side, right?