We've all read the thinkpieces and we all know that social media is gonna cause the apocalypse, but one advantage of constant, relentless interconnectivity is that people are able to find doppelgangers much easier! Hell, there's a whole subreddit devoted to it! And sometimes, these lookalikes get to meet in the flesh and it's amazing....and then they quickly post a photo to social media so everybody can see it because it doesn't count unless it gets 100 likes.

1. Jeff Golblum


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2. Steve-O


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3. Adam Sandler


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Photo by Steve Cohn/Invision for Netflix/AP Image

4. Katy Perry


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Photo by Getty Images

5. Jack Black (and Jack Black with a time machine)


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6. Adele


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7. Taylor Swift


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The lookalike is name Olivia Sturgiss. This is her instagram.

8. Steve Yeun


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9. Elsa from Frozen


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10. Mark Hamill and Sebastian Stan meet and the celebrity doppelganger universe collapses in on itself

Don't think they look alike? Look at this: