The savory crunch of buttered toast giving way to the creamy center of molten cheese at it pulls away from your teeth. Truly, the grilled cheese is a comfort food that reigns supreme with its combination of simple ingredients and easy preparation. Even the cheapest white bread and the most artificial pre-wrapped slices will still become transformed into edible bliss if you remember to flip it before it burns.

It's the love for this magical sandwich that brought together the community at the r/grilledcheese page, where users share the hot cheezers that brought them joy (and alsp get into arguments about whether or not adding non-cheese ingredients still count or if that's technically a "melt").

1. Sharp Cheddar and Muenster on Sourdough

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2. Danish Gouda

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3. Cheddar, Emmental, and Pepperoni

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4. Five Cheese Blend with Bacon

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5. Like a crunchy halo of crispy bliss

crusted cheese
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6. Mozzarella and Chedder on Rosemary Bread

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7. Cheddar on Parmesean-Crusted Sourdough

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8. Double Decker Smoked Gouda on Wheat

triple decker cheese sandwich
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9. Fontina, Colby, Cheddar



10. Three Cheese and Jalapeno

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