1. This is Ana, Overwatch's newest character

ana overwatch 

2. As a healer/sniper, she can support the team from a distance -- and also knock out assholes like McCree with sleep darts

3. Naturally, the internet is pretty excited

 4. There's already some great fan art out there

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 5. Ana also happens to be Pharah's mom which, combined with her healing gun, makes for great comics

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6. There are of course the obvious "old lady" jokes

7. To be fair, she DOES seem like she belongs in Metal Gear Solid

8. But it would be a mistake to underestimate Ana

9. Especially when her emotes are so savage

10. She probably wouldn't show any mercy even to her own daughter


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11. That hasn't stopped people from making her part of their fantasy family

12. People are pretty invested in these characters, you guys

13. The family dynamic gets complicated with Mercy in the mix


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14. Many fans see Pharah and Mercy as a couple, which would likely be a big problem for mom


15. Like, a REALLY big problem


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16. If you haven't yet, definitely check out Ana's trailer