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Everyone's playing Pokemon GO - and while the game is mostly nice and friendly, there's also an element of competitiveness and tribalism: TEAMS. The three teams are:

  • Team Mystic (aka the blue team, represented by Articuno)
  • Team Valor (aka the red team, represented by Moltres)
  • Team Instinct (aka the yellow team, represented by Zapdos)

Of the three, Team Instinct has stood out as the least common choice for players and the most often ignored in rivalries. But it's a great team, equally deserving of respect amongst other Pokemon GO players.

Overall, it seems that Team Instinct is in the minority most places - where gyms are typically dominated by members of Team Mystic and Team Valor. As a result, no one really takes them too seriously.

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But those who belong to Team Instinct know that's not the case - while others underestimate them for their low numbers, together they're equally strong as any of the other teams.

Basically, it's the House Mormont of Pokemon GO:


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Their motto is "There is no shelter from the storm" - although, at the moment, the storm isn't raging quite that hard.

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And still, some consider membership in what is viewed as the Hufflepuff of Pokemon GO teams as a source of shame:


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While Team Instinct isn't the largest team, it's the team that's made some of the most important Gym wins:


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And since it's small and a consistent underdog, Team Instinct members know they need to stick together - because together, Team Instinct can accomplish anything (even get all three Eeveelutions at once):

Team Instinct members - take pride in what makes your team special: resoluteness, wisdom, and...knowing when to stay out of the battles.

But most importantly, Team Instinct tries to pride itself on rising above the petty rivalries that dominate the conversations of team allegiance. There are times when competition needs to be put aside for the greater good - and here's a perfect example of that spirit: 


This graffiti (supposedly perpetrated by a member of Team Mystic, although many are convinced it was a frame-job) on a park map was spreading around social media earlier, as an example of the nice Pokemon GO community finally succumbing to the poisonous aspects of the tribal nature of teams.

But members of Team Instinct, Valor, and Mystic joined forces to clean it up.




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Basically, don't take the team stuff too seriously - but if you do have to choose, it's INSTINCT OR EXTINCT!


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