Seven unseen Pokemon were revealed for the first this week, shortly after a leak exposed the names and types of Nintendo's new critters. Above you can check out a Japanese trailer for Pokemon Sun and Moon that showcases Cutiefly, Vikavolt, Charjabug, Drampa, Togedemaru, Bruxish and Tapu Koko. And because the internet loves Pokemon more than eating or sleeping, there's already a ton of lovingly-crafted art out there (not to mention some cellar-grade dank memes). Let's check out what's going on with the fandom.

1. Togedemaru is a standout right off the bat, partly because it's just a hedgehog version of Pikachu

 2. Man, these fan artists work fast

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3. You might think that a "Pikachu hedgehog" would infringe on the ironclad copyright of "Sonichu." The internet agrees

4. A new electric bug type, fittingly called Charjabug, is also a favorite


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5. Charjabug is just so versatile


6. Many fans have noticed that it kind of looks like a bus


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7. ...or a train

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8. ...or an old video game system


9. Cutiefly is also a big hit

10. It's a bug/fairy type, which means that it's strong against dragons. Maybe too strong...


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11. Every one of the new Pokemon is bringing something to the table. Drampa, for instance, is obviously a dragon grampa. AKA Falcor-Shenron

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12. The great part is these Pokemon really look great together

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13. Despite being wildly different, they still all seem to fit right into the Pokemon Universe
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14. Even the new starters agree

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15. They do look kind of familiar though...

16. No, it can't be...