1. Ryan Reynolds - Vancouver, British Columbia

ryan reynolds secret canadian

Deadpool's catchphrase was "Chimichangas," NOT "Chimichangas, eh?" so how were we supposed to suspect that Ryan Reynolds's greatest disguise was his ability to pass as an American???

2. Nathan Fillion - Edmonton, Alberta

firefly star secret canadian

Nathan Fillion is the closest thing to an IRL space cowboy, and everyone knows all cowboys are America, even if they're space cowboys. This was why it felt like being shot in the back when I learned Nathan Fillion is Canadian.

3. Ellen Page - Halifax, Nova Scotia

secret canadian actress

We first fell in love with Ellen Page when she played a pregnant teen in Juno, and there is literally nothing more American than teen pregnancy!

4. Ryan Gosling - London, Ontario

ryan reynolds secret canadian

This is a national tragedy.

5. Dan Aykroyd - Ottawa, Ontario

dan akroyd secret canadian

You probably remember Aykroyd from Ghostbusters or Blues Brothers or spending your childhood wishing he was your dad. Well, just like you're real dad, he's a LIAR because this whole time he's been from Canada!

6. Rachel McAdams - London, Ontario

rachel macadams secret canadian

She captured Queen Bee Regina King's cruelty SO well, it's crazy to think she went to high school in Canada where I assume everybody just apologizes to each other 100 times a day.

7. Will Arnett - Toronto, Ontario

will arnett secret canadian

From GOB Bluth to Lego Movie's Batman, Will Arnett has played idiotic buffoons so well it is nearly inconceivable to me that he did not grow up in the American public education system. 

8. William Shatner - Montreal, Quebec

william shatner secret canadian

William Shatner always pulled off Captain Kirk's brand of diplomacy (simultaneously beating up and seducing aliens) with flair. Where did he learn these political tactics if not from growing up in the United States?

9. Seth Rogen - Vancouver, British Columbia

seth rogen secret canadian

How can Seth Rogen play lazy characters so expertly if he spent his childhood in Canada doing what all Canadian children do aka chopping down trees and collecting maple syrup?

10. Keanu Reeves - Beirut, Lebanon (but spent most of his childhood in Toronto, Ontario)

keanu reeves secret canadian

This hurts too much. There are no words.