1. This is Mercy, one of the healers in Overwatch

mercy overwatch

2. Her angelic appearance has made her a favorite for fan artists

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3. Awesome cosplay was inevitable, of course

mercy cosplay

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4. Just because she's the team medic doesn't mean Mercy can't dish out some punishment

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5. And those wings of hers aren't just for show -- they allow her to float and fly to any team member, which gets her out of sticky situations like this one:

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6. Mercy can often be seen tagging along with Pharah, who also flies in the game. Naturally, this has launched many ships


7. Fans affectionately call the pairing "Pharmercy"


8. It uh, is pretty intense



9. But Mercy has a problem. Since she's a support, she often gets stuck play Heal Mom for all the ungrateful babies on her team

10. ...and sometimes those babies are 5 Genjis


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11. In these conditions, it's pretty easy to get a little bitter

overwatch fan comics

overwatch fan comics

overwatch fan comics

overwatch fan comics

overwatch fan comics

overwatch fan comics

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12. Okay, like super bitter


13. Thankfully, she still knows how to have fun

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14. Until she crosses a line


15. At least she can take solace in the fact that she makes a really hot dude


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