When we saw Rux Dardiror's magnificent and terrifying fan art of Cersei in the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones, we thought there was something familiar about this image...

cersei lannister fan art

Then, we remembered the wise words of tumblr user djpaige:

"If you ever find yourself in a Disney movie and someone or something starts being mysteriously surrounded by lime green, stay away from the thing. Everything lime green is evil."

Whoa! Does that mean Cersei has transformed into a Disney villainess?

We started taking a closer look at Cersei, and we couldn't help but see SO MANY similarities between her and Disney's evil queens and witches.

1. Just look at Cersei and Maleficent side by side. LIME GREEN TO THE MAX.

snow white cersei lannister

And check out the destruction Cersei and Maleficent wreaked on their kingdom's people:

disney villains cersei lannister

2. Cersei's outfit is totally copying her evil predecessors

cersei lannister snow white villains

All black? Check.

Angular shoulders? Check.

High collar? Check.

Resting bitch face? Check.

3. Like all Disney's evil queens and stepmothers, Cersei is cruel to her surrogate daughter 

4. And remember who Cersei fears most: the "younger and more beautiful queen."

When she was a child, Cersei forced Maggy the Frog to predict her future, and the witch described the person who would be Cersei's downfall.

snow white movie clips

snow white movie clips

Does that sound familiar? It should. The reason that the Evil Queen tried to kill Snow White was because she couldn't deal with being replaced as the kingdom's most beautiful woman.

5. Every good villain needs a minion, right?

Cersei has a magical sidekick in Qyburn, who uses dark magic to resurrect The Mountain. And Qyburn looks an awful lot like Maleficent's sidekick, Diablo, who can turn into a raven.

snow white cersei lannister

6. Speaking of The Mountain, there's no Disney villainess who has a giant braindead sidekick who carries her everywhere, right?

cersei lannister emperor's new groove

Oh, right. How could we forget about Kronk?