1. How the hell did Varys make it all the way back to Daenerys' boat?

game of thrones

As we mentioned last week, Game of Thrones often doesn't make it clear as to which events are taking place at which time and in which order. Last week, we saw the Greyjoys teleport from Volantis to Meereen in a couple of episodes. In the finale, Jaime takes the long trek from the Twins to King's Landing, the latter of which is somehow still burning weeks later. You could probably sort out some proper timeline in which Jaime's time in the Riverlands takes place a month before the wildfire explosion (though if that's the case, no one in KL seems bothered by Walder Frey's assassination, which would have already happened). The problem is not that these events are separate and take place at different times -- but that the show never properly telegraphs what's occurring when.

The worst offender this season has to be Varys, who we saw show up in Dorne during the middle of the finale.

So okay, we saw Varys loudly announce he was leaving for a secret mission a while ago. It's not a surprise that he showed up in Dorne to broker an alliance with the Martells and the Tyrells (even though book readers were looking forward to him showing up in King's Landing and shooting Maester Pycelle with a crossbow). Yet, not even half an hour later in the exact same episode, Varys pops up on Daenerys' boat, riding for Westeros. This is the same show in which it took an entire season for Sam to get to Oldtown.

To put this in perspective, here's a map with the two locations we're talking about here. 

game of thrones

When the Greyjoys traveled this same distance, it took a few episodes, but for the Master of Whispers it evidently takes mere minutes. Some have pointed out that Varys probably came along with the Martells, since Dornish ships can be seen sailing with Daenerys' mega-fleet. But that would mean Varys traveled to Dorne from Meereen, chatted with the Martells, travelled back to Meereen shortly thereafter, only to ride back to Westeros yet again. Why did the Dornish even bother making that trip when they're on the tip of the continent anyway? Couldn't they just have hooked up with them in Sunspear?

I don't think any of us want each scene to open with giant letters announcing the time, date and location of current events. But as it stands, it kind of looks like Varys got his hands on some Floo Powder and he's not sharing with everyone else.

2. Why go to all the trouble of stabbing Maester Pycelle? 

game of thrones

Maester Pycelle had to go sometime. Though he was exceptionally good at putting on the "doddery old man" facade, he was actually a pretty crafty dude to have survived this long. But since this is Game of Thrones, it was inevitable that Pycelle would be cornered by a horde of filthy orphans and stabbed a billion times. 

It's safe to assume Pycelle's killing was Cersei's doing, but why bother making killers out of children when she could have taken out the Maester along with everyone else?

If Qyburn hadn't called him into a dank dungeon of mad science and child murderers, Pycelle would have almost certainly been in the sept with everyone else. And like everyone else present at the trials, he would have exploded in Cersei's epic Play-of-the-Game-worthy centa-kill. You could argue that Lancel Lannister's specific death was equally pointless, but at least he served a storytelling purpose in showing us the barrels of wildfire underneath the city. Killing Pycelle with a dozen short knives really didn't accomplish anything but make sure the villain from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade got another especially brutal death. 

3. Did Littlefinger seriously dye his hair?


You might have missed it in between the rad CGI explosions and the human finger pies, but Littlefinger looked a little bit different in this episode. Earlier in season six, when he was convincing man-boy Robin Arynn to use his Knights of the Vale, Littlefinger looked like he usually does -- mostly pepper with some salt in his hair and beard, with tufts of white emerging above his temples. It would appear that somewhere between then and the finale, Peter Baelish joined the Hair Club for Men. When getting shut down by Sansa, we can see that Peter's hair is much darker up top with almost no natural highlights. At the same time, the sides of his hair next to his ears have gone from granite gray to pure white. It's like Littlefinger went to a barber with a Fantastic Four comic and pointed to Mr. Fantastic: "One of those, please." 

4. Isn't making Tyrion the Hand of the Queen a bad idea?

game of thrones

As viewers, we're happy to see Daenerys and Tyrion working together. But the rest of the realm might not see it that way. Over in Westeros, pretty much everyone believes that the Imp poisoned Joffrey. And remember, most everyone that wasn't close to the wretched boy king thought he was an angel -- that's why Joff came off well in the play Arya saw. Combined with the fact that Tyrion killed his father, you'd think that there'd be more than a little hesitance from the smallfolk about accepting a kinslayer as second-in-command. 

But hey, who cares what other people think, right? Well, Daenerys does. Just before appointing Tyrion as her hand, Dany ditched her loverboy Daario. If she was willing to kick her side action to the curb to make her look more appealing to suitors (and the rest of Westeros), why risk a similar PR disaster by putting a wanted fugitive front and center? It's almost like this show with dragons doesn't make any sense.

5. Why is Arya taller while wearing someone else's face?


It was pretty easy to see Walder Frey's grisly demise coming, but that didn't make it any less satisfying. While it was a little bit puzzling to see that Arya use someone else's face (I guess she snatched some spares from the Faceless Men on her way out?), in general it's tough to argue with that gross old bastard getting his due. 

Still though, it's odd that Arya somehow grew at least six inches while wearing someone else's face. 

game of thrones

Maisie Williams, who plays Arya on the show, is supposedly about 5'1. If it were really her pouring a drink for Bronn during the party, Arya wouldn't stand too much taller than those candles. We've never seen anything to indicate that putting on someone's face changes your body height. Maybe Arya made some platform shoes out of the bones of spare Freys?

6. Who's going to take care of Ser Pounce?

ser pounce

Maergery is gone. Tommen is gone. Cersei doesn't seem like much of a cat person. So who's going to take care of Tommen's cat, Ser Pounce?

Then again, maybe Ser Pounce can take care of himself. The kingdom's First Cat is mentioned a few times by George R.R. Martin in recent books, so we have to assume that he'll play a big part in the stories to come. Someone has to defeat the Mountain, after all.