Honestly, Ozzy Osbourne seems like he could be a Game of Thrones character - eating bat heads, has a goofy name, dresses in black a lot, has a sordid sexual life and lots of family drama. So it only stands to reason that one of Black Sabbath's key songs, War Pigs, would fit nicely in a war-themed Game of Thrones montage.

And really, this is the exact video we needed to prepare for tonight - it's the finale of season 6 (enticingly titled "The Winds of Winter", probably just to troll George RR Martin a bit) and it's due to be the LONGEST episode ever (running nearly 70 minutes). But after it's over, it'll be another year until we have more Game of Thrones. And if things continue at the pace they've been going this season, it's going to be an epic finale that will make the wait even harder.

So, for now, watch this video (and then re-watch it) to build your hype levels to the impossible degree they need to be at for tonight's finale.