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When I was in high school, my friends and I had a hard time beating Ninja Gaiden for Xbox. After months of practice, I finally beat it. My friends were all impressed and with my new found confidence I went up to the hottest girl in school and tried to hit on her. My pick up line: "Hey, so I beat Ninja Gaiden." Didn't work.-Anonymous

I once failed an exam on Greek mythology and got detention. To make things worse, I answered with the names of WoW characters. I got detention because the teacher also played WoW and knew who they were.-Carl

I puked during my calculus final today. I got that nervous.-Santa's Little Helper

My girlfriend and I went on vacation to Florida for a few weeks at her grandma's house. There was no cable or Internet. To fix this problem, her grandma was stealing cable from her daughter next door. It worked OK, but the picture would randomly go to horrible snow. Naturally, when the Spike Videogame Awards were on, I had everything rigged for the best possible picture. Mere seconds before the Mass Effect 3 trailer came on the picture went out completely. I freaked, trying to fix it while getting texts of "OMG ME3" from my friends. I gave up on the TV and ran to the other side of the house, where I could get 3g for my iphone and looked up the trailer on youtube. I was so pumped about it that I ran across the house and slid on my knees across the living room floor, making my Call of Duty urban-came pajama pants slide down past my knees. I'm really glad my girlfriend didn't walk in and see me with my dick out, phone in hand, yelling "YESSSSSSSSSS!" in the middle of her grandma's living room.-M. Kertis

On the weekends, I always hope my girlfriend will get really drunk so that she sleeps in the next day and I can play WoW uninterrupted.-JWH

I've come to realize that I can't nap unless I can hear my boyfriend playing StarCraft 2.-Lanaia

I have a separate iPod for all my videogame music.-Dan

I often fantasize that someone will fall in love with my character in Runescape and propose by giving her a diamond ring.-Anonymous

The only time I have ever blacked out from drinking was a few years back. I was drinking red-flavored wine coolers. The only thing I really remember from that night was laying in the bathtub puking over the side into a trash can. Every time I puked, I would tell my girlfriends, "I'm puking health potions!"-Anonymous