Somewhere in between the shift from DVDs to Blu-Ray streaming everything you can and pirating what you can't we lost something valuable, the often overlooked commentary track. Sometimes insightful, sometimes lazily recorded by celebrities with no active memories of the actual filming, it was an "added value" bonus that went overlooked for most of the movies that ever made it onto our IKEA shelves.

What got us feeling wistful about this bygone era of home entertainment was this twitter post by @u_sylvie who casually linked to this moment of cinematic history (update: probably because it was the lead of this Cracked article, whomp whomp) that's been sitting on the commentary track for Michael Bay's 1998 popcorn paragon "Armageddon":

For the sake of fairness, (and to give you a really stark gaze into the mind of Michael Bay) here's another clip of Bay talking about the challenges he overcame while making the movie:

Also clutch, unlocking Easter Eggs by dicking around in the dvd menus. Someone bring that back.