1. This is D.va, one of Overwatch's most popular characters

2. Fans love her character design. Hence all the fan art...

fan art

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3. ...and cosplay, of course

dva cosplay

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4. She's a lot of fun to play, too. Especially when she self-destructs her mech and nukes everyone

5. Even better when she fools Roadhog into pulling the bomb into his own team

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6. But there's something else going on with D.va...

d.va fan art sexy anime and troll version

7. See, there's two ways the internet portrays D.va. There's the cute/sexy anime way...


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8. And then there's the Path of the Gremlin


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9. D.va's backstory explains that she's a former pro gamer. Hence why she would be so into Doritos and Mountain Dew

10. Like, really, REALLY into Doritos and Mountain Dew


kings season

kings season

kings season

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11. The whole thing has... kind of gotten out of hand

overwatch fan comics

overwatch fan comics

overwatch fan comics

overwatch fan comics

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12. If we're lucky, someday Blizzard will recognize the trend with a new costume

13. The meme seems to be at least partially inspired from the junk food-loving Umaru-chan


14. At this point, any other kind of D.va just doesn't feel right

15. D.va works much better as a grubby gremlin queen


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16. Long may she reign