If you're into gaming you know about how E3 2016 is happening RIGHT NOW. And the first of Monday's big 2 presentations just wrapped up. Here's a sampling of the real reactions that people were having to what many are calling "a perfectly reasonable hype train".

(Editor's Note: It has come to our attention that this article actually contains 11 tweets, rest assured we have taken appropriate action and severely flogged the contributor responsible for this breach of trust)

1. Microsoft had two huge hardware announcements, claiming that all future games will be playable across all available versions of the XBox hardware


2. There was also a heavy emphasis on cross-platform play between Console, PC, and Mobile


3. One of the biggest hits with the crowd was the ability to make custom designs for your controller


4. But let's get to the games, starting with a big showcase for "Gears of War 4"


5. Another game that made an impresison was the creepy British dystopia of "We Happy Few"

e3 tweets


6. An odd recurring theme was Japanese devs showing off giant-sized boss fights like in "Final Fantasy XV"... 


 AND Platinum Games' "Scalebound" literally featured a giant enemy crab, though it was touted as "the biggest boss" that the studio has ever developed


7. Rare's upcoming "Sea of Thieves" utilized a... QUESTIONABLE approach by having players do "wacky" commentary as the footage played


8. Many are suspicious of just how hard Microsoft is pushing its games lineup to prop up their less than warmly recieved OS update


9. There was also a heavily-scripted Minecraft demo, which featured a surprise appearance by 90's violence lord John Carmack


10. Overall, the response was pretty good, or at the very least "not infuriating" which is definitely a win by E3 standards