3. Mercy saved Genji (and created Reaper)


Like many other members of Overwatch, Mercy has been around since the old days. But she doesn't have a proper excuse for looking like she's just out of college while simultaneously pushing 40; the whole "frozen in a cryogenic chamber" origin story was already taken, after all. Mei even makes comments in-game about how Mercy doesn't look a day older than when she last saw her, before the deep freeze. There's probably a little more going on here than just immaculate Swiss genes, and it might have something to do with Mercy's profession. As a "medic class," it only makes sense that Angela Ziegler would be the Overwatch team's resident doctor. 

As nice as it is to be on the recieving end of Mercy's healing beam, it could be argued that she takes her incredible medical knowledge a little too far at times. Just ask Genji.


As you might know if you've seen the stellar animated short Blizzard released, Genji was once part of the Shimada clan. For the longest time, Genji was kind of a terrible ninja, forgoing his training in favor of living it up in the lap of luxury. This brought him in conflict with his older brother Hanzo, who was always on Genji's ass about pulling his weight in the family. Everything came to a head after their father died, and an ensuing argument lead to a fight which in turn led to Genji clinging to life. Hanzo had actually assumed his brother was gone, but it was Mercy that brought him back from the brink. 

With the help of Overwatch, Mercy and her team outfitted Genji with advanced cybernetics which allowed him to systematically tear apart the Shimada clan and their criminal empire. But after his revenge was complete, there wasn't really anywhere for Genji to go -- humans reviled him for being half machine, and he wasn't exactly at home with the omnics. It was only under the mentorship of Zenyatta that Genji came to grips with himself and his new form. 

Mercy has... something of a habit of playing around with people's lives in the interest of science. Exhibit B: Reaper.


Like Genji, Gabriel Reyes also had a brush with death before being "saved" by Mercy. Seemingly killed in a fight with Soldier 76 (we'll come back to that), Reyes later resurfaced with a new look that's part Skeletor, part Dracula and 100% Edgelord. Now known as Reaper, Reyes engaged in terrorist acts across the world, leaving strangely drained bodies in his path. It became clear that Reaper's cells were rapidly decaying at the same time that they were rapidly regenerating, leaving his body in a nebulous state of limbo -- those dessicated corpses in Reaper's wake are likely a result of him sucking their life force to stay stable. This is actually represented during matches, since Reaper can consume the "souls" of fallen foes to regain health. 

Who says Mercy had anything to do with this? Well, Reaper certainly seems to think so, according to an in-game exchange.

Mercy: What happened to you?!
Reaper: You tell me, Doc.
Mercy: This is not what I intended for you, Reyes.
Reaper: You knew exactly what were you doing.

This would appear to imply that Mercy had a hand in Reyes' ressurrection. It makes sense, since Mercy specialized in nanobiology. Whether or not she went too far in her work to bring back an old friend still seems unclear. Either way, all will be forgiven if she'll just tell us what skin cream she uses. 

4. The assassination of Mondatta


In another animated short called "Alive," we learn a little more about Widowmaker, the unrepentant sniper who works for a terrorist organization called Talon. The featured mission: Kill the omnic leader Tekhartha Mondatta. A friend of Zenyatta's, Mondatta had come to the human/robot tension powder keg that is King's Row in order to soothe relations between the two groups. Mondatta and his group, the Shambali, believed that every omnic had a soul, and wished to live in harmony with humans. That didn't stop Widowmaker from icing him all the same. 

Immediately after the assassination, Tracer tackles Widowmaker and demands to know why. Why would anyone want to kill robot Gandhi? For Widowmaker, the answer is probably simple: She enjoys the act of murder. It makes her feel alive. But her organization Talon obviously put her up to the job, and it's still not exactly clear what their endgame is. Why destroy a chance at peace for humans and omnics?

There might be any number of reasons for such a hit. Maybe Talon figures the more chaotic an environment, the better. Maybe they have a financial interest in keeping the world at war. Maybe they just really hate robots. If that was the case, their plan didn't exactly work, since a statue of Mondatta now stands near the place where he was killed. 


In death, Mondatta became a martyr for a righteous cause, likely becoming much more effective as an iconic figure than as a mortal being. Which, in retrospect, was a pretty predictable outcome. Maybe these Talon guys really do want to make the world a better place. With bullets.