1. Making a mochrie of the FCC

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2. We call this one the 'Tude Titan

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3. He had to break that window to make sure his middle finger was visible

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4. More like Star-Bird

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5. FYI, flipping the bird protects you from floating shards of glass

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6. Childhood officially ruined

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7. Here's where you can put the ring

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8. I love her commitment. She even puts the lid back on before putting it away.


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9. No one has ever meant a middle finger as much as this

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10. I could watch this forever

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11. He's got one finger for you. Well, two. ...okay, FIVE.


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12. The best special effects ever

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13. Read between the lines

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14. Flapping the bird


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15. It's like if Richard Scarry flipped you off.

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16. What if one of your hands was possessed and became really, really cool?


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17. Everything about being a cyborg is better

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18. Better than finding $100 in your pocket

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19. america.gif

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20. Whose finger is it anyway? Well, it's Ryan Stiles', I guess. Pretty obvious.

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21. The most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself

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22. No better feeling than driving in a convertible, top down, the wind rushing through your middle finger

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23. That baby knows exactly what he's doing

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24. One World. One Love. One Finger.


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25. Enhance. Enhance. ENHANCE!

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