the arrow subreddit revolted

Well, this is weird - the subreddit for Arrow, the CW show about (Green, sorta) Arrow, his struggle to clean up Star City, and his past escapades on an island, has unequivocally decided that the show they've dedicated themselves to sucks bigtime. Heck, it's gotten so bad that they've switched alliances to ANOTHER grim 'n gritty comic book show, Netflix's Daredevil.

In case you weren't aware, Arrow just celebrated its season 4 finale this week - a welcome end to what many have viewed as Arrow's worst season yet, primarily focusing on the evil-doings of villain Damien Darhk (whose name is actually spelled that way, for some reason) and featuring the death of fan-favorite character, Laurel Lance.

When the dust had finally settled, fans' frustration had reached a boiling point:

"Let's see here... The finale was filled with plot holes. Like where the fuck do thousands of nukes in mid-flight go? How did Oliver channel his magic from the hope of the citizens? How did Darhk's powers powered by tens of thousands of souls just go limp dick in 2 seconds, yet he was able to kill Felicity's ex from far away? And the final fight scene? What the fuck was that? The final fight scene was shit. They're both highly trained in martial arts and they're just trading punches in the face back and forth? The fuck? Did the action scene choreographer take time off or what? Worst season finale ever." - mkd87

"Felicity directly speaking to this sub when she said "you think I was leaving? not a chance" lmaoo" - batfleck2015

"Arrow has become the awkward cousin no one speaks about." - iArrow

And these aren't a few stray comments - the sub was instantly filled with vitriol and anger over what many view as a confusing mess of a season (and they're not wrong - even star Stephen Amell recently said "we need to get back to focusing more on some of the core elements that used to define Arrow.")

But, most hilariously, the sub is now ENTIRELY dedicated to what is basically it's Marvel equivalent, Daredevil, with an episode discussion for that show's pilot stickied to the top:

the arrow subreddit revolted

And, for the most part, the sub seems to be enjoying Daredevil so far - flair has been modified to reflect Daredevil, multiple more threads are popping up celebrating the change, and even in the Daredevil discussions, fans are using that show to continue griping about Arrow:

the arrow subreddit revolted

What does the ACTUAL Daredevil subreddit think about this?

They seem pretty cool with it:

the arrow subreddit revolted