Those Mario Kart-ers really found some terrible places to race: Space rainbows, busy highways, and – of course – a partially iced-over lake with adorable penguins sliding around. That was Sherbet Land, named so despite the total lack of sherbert, one of the most difficult courses in Mario Kart 64. Not only were you always sliding around, desperately trying to not crash into the overabundance of penguins, but whenever you fell into the lake (and you always fell into the lake) you were taken out as a block of ice. It was just like March of the Penguins, except by the end you were praying for all of the penguins to die forever.


Contra's snow stage really isn't too different from the rest of the stages in Contra – which means that it's just more continued awesomeness. Your shirtless Rambo stand-in main character rushes through the horrific level with the world's greatest Nerf gun while trees throw pipe bombs, you're constantly bombarded by goons and spike-trucks, and everything explodes always. And if you claim you were able to get to this level without the Konami code, you are a total liar.


One thing that I'll never understand about Mario snow levels is that – even though this plump plumber has a skull hard enough to smash bricks into nothingness by mere touch – he can't even scratch ice blocks? And how the hell did Bowser manage to bring in lakes of lava for his castles? Minor logical quibbles aside, Iced Land is a truly fun world – the ice almost forces you to speed through each level, and there are a good number of short, quick, fun levels within this world. Not that you've ever even played this level, guy who just uses the warp whistles every time.