I'm not sure how this could not be your favorite level in Halo – you finally get to pilot a tank (as well as every other vehicle in the game), the snowy white environment makes sniping super-easy, and this is the last level that you don't have to deal with the Flood. But mainly, it's epic scale amidst the snow makes it feel like all of those snowball fights you had when you were younger. Except this time it happened with sniper rifles and tanks. Or, if you lived in East St. Louis, just another totally normal snowball fight.


Even with the excruciatingly-long elevator sequences and "WHY ARE THESE EVEN HERE?!" Mako section, Noveria manages to be a pretty great level – you get to take out an evil asari Matriarch, solve some puzzles, and decide the fate of a race of giant spiders. It's a little weird that letting the bloodthirsty Rachni live is considering the "good" choice, while finishing them off counts as the "evil" choice. Just another piece of propaganda from the pro-dying-by-giant-spider lobby, I guess, but at least we got a fun level out of it.


This level is a blast. In fact, you might say it's a barrel of monkeys! There's snow level like this level! It's…a really great level that offers a lot of pun potential! While you're trying to navigate the barrel-shooters, the snow falls so hard it begins to take over the screen, and you can barely see a thing. Just like real life when you're wandering through a snow storm naked (except your tie) with your prepubescent nephew.