Though we stand behind our first tribute to snow levels, we realize we overlooked a bunch of really great ones. So here's part 2! Enjoy our second tribute to the greatest wintery levels in videogame history. And if we missed one, maybe we'll make a part 3! …But don't count on it.


Few games seem so easily adaptable to the videogame world as Scott Pilgrim – probably because Scott Pilgrim itself was so deeply influenced by videogames. Whether you think the Michael Cera film version was awesome or the awesomest (it's actually a little of both), it's hard to deny how great this throwback, beat-em-up game was – and this level was a pretty fantastic introduction. It's games like this that make me wish my girlfriend had evil exes for me to defeat. And that people I beat up would turn into coins, instead of assault charges.


Ice Man may look like a relatively nonthreatening, slightly-deformed, neckless eskimo, but looks can be deceiving in the world of Mega Man. His stage is one of the most challenging in the original – much moreso than the barely-not-copyright-infringing Bomb Man or the effective-against-Paper-Man Cut Man. The most challenging aspect was that nagging question: Why are there frozen-over palm trees in the background? Was it a bold statement about climate change, or did Capcom just try to lazily re-use some beach level sprites? You be the judge.


Imagine you're Indiana Jones being chased by a boulder, except you're a bandicoot. Next, imagine you know what a bandicoot is. Got it? Eh, don't worry. After you're done imagining those things, imagine that – instead of a boulder – you're being chased by a succession of huge polar bears. Okay, now stop imagining, because videogames have already done the work for you. It's hard to get more thrilling than this level – nothing but pure adrenaline rush, and if you happen die, you don't have to look at that stupid bandicoot's face anymore. Win-win.


Are hover-bikes the future of sports? God, I hope so. While the game was essentially Wave Race on land, Jet Moto was fast and ridiculously fun (when it wasn't getting too buggy). And Ice Crusher was a great example of how great it could be – plummeting downhill a snowy mountain down narrow roads and bumpy paths required a lot of skill and an even greater dedication to the masterful art of the hover-bike. Be prepared – according to Marty McFly, we all have about 5 years until we can finally test our skills.