1. When Blizzard launched the beta for a weekend and then took it away, it felt kind of like this

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2. Since then, fans have found plenty of ways to kill time until the official release. DeviantArt has a pretty neat 21 Days of Overwatch fan art promotion going on...


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3. Turns out there are very talented artists on the world wide web

mercy overwatch

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4. I'm not bad at making circles in MS Paint, but this is slightly better

shuuzaar art

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4. People are so thirsty for the game that a headline like this actually sounds believable


read the rest of the "story" at TenTonHammer

5. There's already tons of neat cosplay out there, too


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5. How do they put these costumes together so fast?


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6. But that isn't nearly enough. People have started to run out of things to discuss, so the topics keep getting weirder and weirder


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7. Then, of course, there's the memes...


8. ....and more memes...

9. ...you know, they're really more like Mei-mes

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10. We're all kind of feeling the itch at this point

11. Some more than others

12. It's hard not to see Overwatch everywhere you look

13. If you dig deep enough, the fan art gets a little... out there


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15. Okay that Tracer with the broken spine was bad enough, but "Overwatch Heroes as Lukewarm Bowls of Water" is TOO FAR


there are seriously more, via lukidjano

16. This madness has to stop. I think we can all agree that this calls for an executive order from the highest power