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1. Samus Aran by Matt DeMino

At what point in the Metroid series is Samus going to change her job title from 'Bounty Hunter' to 'Planetary Exterminator'?

Realistic Nintendo Characters

2. Yoshi by M-Thirteen

Very few artists are willing to address just how gross it would feel to actually sit on a giant gecko.

yoshi intendo art


3. Luigi (3D Embed) by soojong kim

Behind those kind Italian eyes, an ocean of suffering.

Realistic Nintendo Characters 

4. Mega Man by Brice Madec

(Yes, Mega Man is owned by Capcom, but at this point that's only a formality)

Realistic Nintendo Characters


5.  Young Princess Zelda by Salvador Ramírez

Zelda was into pirates and ninjas BEFORE it was an outdated meme.

Realistic Nintendo Characters