Daenerys hasn't stepped foot in Westeros yet, but we all think she deserves to rule the whole place. That's how good Emilia Clarke is at playing Khaleesi in all of her glory. When Emilia Clarke isn't busy babying dragons and burning down the patriarchy, she's being a dorky sweetheart. Here are the highlights:

1. Let's get it out of the way: She has magical eyebrows, and she knows how to use them



via Graham Norton Show

2. She likes to make fun of Game of Thrones. Like this Glamour video where she does silly versions of her "Where are my dragons?" line.



Here's the full video from Glamour:

3. Or when she performed reggae for Game of Thrones: the Musical

And here's the full video:

4. And she made a good Mother's Day joke in honor of her dragons/kids

5. But nobody else is allowed to not take Daenerys seriously. This is her correcting Daario when he called her a queen and not a Khaleesi

6. And she has some deep thoughts about Daenerys



7. If you doubt her acting abilities, this is what she had to pretend was a dragon


8. She handles strange fan interactions well


9. She's probably had sex before so that's cool


10. People are comparing Season 6 Daenerys to Beyonce in Lemonade, which is pretty much the biggest compliment ever

11. She's as bad-ass in real life as she is onscreen

12. Emilia Clarke isn't the only person in favor of putting Daenerys on the Iron Throne. Here are other Game of Thrones actors voicing their support for the Khaleesi.