Gijinka is a popular genre of fanart that takes the established (or perceived) personality and visual design of non-human characters and objects and reimagines them as people. Artists have been "humanizing" their favorite Pokemon since the 8-bit days, so it's no surprise that we're seeing some really fun takes on the new creatures unveiled for Pokemon Sun and Moon so quickly. Here's some good ones we think you'll enjoy.

As always, if you see a piece you really enjoy you can click on the artists' names and see if they offer prints, commissions, or just give them a follow on social media.

1. Sun and Moon Starters Humanized by Jingalli

popplio human rowlet pokemon


2. Legendary Duo by julymarte

pokemon sun and moon legendary


3. Anime Style Rowlet, Popplio, and Rowlet by The Li (Chloe)

pokemon anime


4. Starter Kids by ohnips

kid pokemon


5. Popplio Girl by Lemon Alexander

popplio girl


6. Litten Chan by Black Miya

litten anime girl


7. Little Miss Rowlet by @vestariares



8. Circus-Themed Gijinkas by Alexa Sharpe



9. Pokemon Moon Mascot by Kygyzstan Palace



10. Pokemon Sun Mascot by Yuramec



11. Sad Popplio by Dovey



12. Sun and Moon Trio by ROSEL-D



13. These Ones Look Like They'd Have Their Own Show on Disney's 1 Saturday Morning 
by Kynim